DM Retouching Site relaunch

Welcome to the new and updated version of my retouching portfolio and blogging site. I hope you’ll forgive the mess as I work to bring the new site into 2011 with a new look and a new mission for quality new content for photographers and new retouchers. My thanks go to Ian Cylkowski for the rebranding and further help with design elements.

It’s been an interesting year since I focused D Meadows Design into a dedicated freelance retouching service and the response from everyone has been extraordinary. I’ve cleared a lot of dead wood from the blog pages and I’m ready to focus on providing more tips and advice for anyone pursuing photo perfection. It’s been a long year with 16-20 hour days not uncommon to establish the freshly rebranded Daniel Meadows – High End Photo Retouching but it’s been worth it, and my thanks go to my clients and friends on this site and the others I frequent and write for.

Please feel free to follow me on twitter, give your feedback on articles or contact me directly via the contact page.

Daniel Meadows

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