Photoshop CS5 – Release Date Rumours and New Features

I can’t get no… hair extraction

So imagine you land a job doing an album cover composite.

‘Great’ you think, as you look over the brief.

‘This’ll make a great credit and portfolio piece!’

You read on and your elation turns to panic as you reach the line ‘Mr. Jagger riding a camel…’

‘But… but Mick’s hair is so bouncy and luscious, and a camel so wiry!’ you might well think. I know I did.

‘It’s a selection nightmare!’

Well not any more apparently, Photoshop CS5‘s ‘Refine Edge‘ dialog has been vastly improved as this video demonstrates.

Ignoring for a moment the fact that someone appears to have drop kicked a small child across the room at the precise moment someone photographed their sleeping cat (it’s happened to all of us right?), this all looks pretty impressive. Mention ‘hair selection’ to any retoucher and you’ll see the same nervous twitch, as we remember the part of the job when we realise that there isn’t much left to path with the pen tool, and the relatively simple part ends abruptly with a massive polygon around the head. None of us enjoy hair selection, so it’s with some excitement that I’m looking forward to the eventual release date of Photoshop CS5.

Protect Your Regions

Further improvements will include seam carving restraint controls for improved content aware scaling of your images. The tools are discussed in the following video, and there is mention of the Reshuffling and Inpainting tools as a demonstration of the new PatchMatch algorithm.

To be honest, I can’t imagine the Reshuffling and Inpainting tools will work convincingly on anything larger than web sized jpegs (if it matches complex brickwork I’ll eat my wacom pen) but the ameliorated content aware scaling will probably come in handy at some point.

Content Aware Yeti Apocalypse

This next video begins with a demonstration of the solution to a problem many of us have. You know when you have a nature photograph that’s completely ruined by you know, too much nature? Yeah well now you can remove all that excess nature and achieve that barren lifeless photograph you were shooting for with content aware spot healing.

I don’t know what this guy has against bison or whatever they are. I dunno, we don’t have them in England, maybe they’re oxen or yetis or something, so if you’re an American photographer with way too many yetis running round your otherwise awesome nature shot, Photoshop CS5 might just be the software for you.

It’s fun to stay in the K.E.L.B.Y

Ok so you’ve wanted to make Scott Kelby dance the YMCA in a referee’s uniform since the release of Photoshop 6 right? Yeah me too. So it’s fortuitous news that Adobe have seen fit to introduce the new Photoshop CS5Make Scott Kelby Dance The YMCA‘ tool. I mean the guy’s been around years, it’s about time he got a tool. I reckon it’s entirely possible that in CS5 we’ll see a bonus plugin that allows you to apply Thomas Knoll‘s varying stages of beard to any object in 3D.

Also demonstrated are some pretty impressive brush and colour blending improvements and a new control point based warp tool.

I don’t know what his obsession with football is, I think that’s just how he talks. His close family and friends have learned to instinctively know which word he means when he replaces every noun with the word ‘football’. On the occasions they don’t get it he motions with his chin and screams ‘TOOOUCHDOOOOOOOWWWWWWWNNNNAAAUNNGGG!!!!!!’

Don’t laugh, this guy suffers.

Photoshop CS5 64bit – Why it won’t work on your Atari ST

Apparently CS5 is going to be a 64bit only release. Simon Hayhurst, Adobe’s Senior Director of Product Management for Dynamic Media said so, and he looks like a personable sort of chap, so I believe him. It follows that Photoshop CS5 will follow suit and this means that if you aren’t running a 64bit operating system like OSX Leopard or a Windows 64bit OS, the disc will turn into a hologram of Shantanu Narayen laughing at your misfortune.

Release date info is sketchy, based entirely on the rumblings of people who claim to have heard info from vendors and Adobe staff in bars. It’s beyond me to speculate too far as there is no official word from Adobe on Photoshop CS5 whatsoever, anything you may have read to the contrary is misinformed, even the clips you see here could be well-executed hoaxes. However Adobe tends to operate in 18-24 month release cycles, and it’s been 16 months since CS4Dov Isaacs, a Principal Scientist in Adobe‘s print group said recently on the Adobe forums; “Adobe’s product cycles have been every 18 to 24 months and it has been pretty damn hard to do a release in 18 months. Go with your reasonable instinct.” From this I’d surmise that October looks much more likely than the April release that half the internet is holding out for. For reference, CS4 was officially announced less than a month before its release date.

From the snippets we’ve seen so far, if genuine, it looks like at the low end the release of Photoshop CS5 is going to be a hit. You might be able to remove the bison from your wedding photographs at low-res, and there’ll be an appreciative group of users who’ll use the new features to edit their snapshots. But as far as high end editing goes I’ll be beyond impressed if the new content aware tools are worth using. For print and quality photography I’m glad to report that we’re still going to have to spend hours pushing pixels around and yelling ‘TOOOUCHDOOOOOOOWWWWWWWNNNNAAAUNNGGG!!!!!!’.

Because that’s how the pro’s do it.


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  1. doctorontop says:

    I do like the paint and blend and it’s been along time coming so lets hope it’s included. As for the patchmatch it may have it’s uses but I agree with Dan it may be problematical with high res images. I have more hope for the revamped warp tool if it works a great improvement.. Some of what has been demoed may not make it into CS5 and a 64 bit only version would be a major marketing gamble. I watched a webinar with Chris Cox from Adobe and he mentioned big changes to Smart Objects but wouldn’t give away any detail. It’s looking like CS5 is going to be a big release so it might be wise to expect a later release date rather than earlier one.

  2. Only After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro will be limited to 64-bit versions. From Adobe FAQ (

    What are Adobe’s plans for the other components of Creative Suite? Will the rest of Adobe Creative Suite be 64-bit native on Mac OS and Windows?

    Adobe continues to prioritize 64-bit support based on the potential user benefits and the complexity of the code transition. At this time, After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro are the only products that we are announcing will be 64-bit only in the next major release.

  3. That’s interesting, well spotted johnk. As doctorontop pointed out it’d be a gamble, but it makes sense to gear the release towards making the most out of what’s available and focusing on the future. There are a lot of design houses with perfectly usable older Mac hardware that’d find it a kick in the teeth, although I honestly don’t see anything in the rumblings about new features that’d convince me that we’re going to see anything as revolutionary in this release as adjustment layers. I hope I’m surprised by it.

  4. so anyone know when this bad boy is comnig out

  5. Jan Swenson says:

    If I had a dollar for every time I came here.. Amazing read!